Expect Everything

Ecsite to take on a large branding, design and development project, called Hypatia. Hypatia is an E.U funded project, aimed at peaking the interest of young girls in STEM and to help them realise their full potential in these areas.

Client: Ecsite - EU Commission
Services: Branding, Design, Social, Digital, Art Direction

Hypatia is an E.U funded project, aimed at peaking the interest of young girls in STEM and to help them realise their full potential in these areas.

The challenge here was to both name and brand this project to appeal to young girls aged between 13 -18 years old. A very wide and critical bunch to appeal to.

We challenged young girls to “Expect Everything”.

Expect everything from your education, expect every kind of opportunity, expect to be equal, expect to do well, expect to excel in areas you didn’t know you could. Expect the best for yourself, “Expect Everything”.

The style is both serious and playful using contrasting fonts.

The next step was building a full brand that reflected this idea of “everything”. Dealing with STEM it made sense to make reference to it in the brand itself, plus this was a requirement of the client. I did this by introducing the mathematical/scientific symbol that represents infinity and therefore everything. The molecules were introduced to signify even the smallest particles in everything. In other words it doesn’t matter how small you think you are, you have a great effect on the world.

To promote the launch of the new project to industry leaders, I wanted to create something that would reflect the infinite possibilities. This piece was given to teachers and students alike. This single sheet came with instructions, that when constructed, made an infinitely folding piece of information.

The website was designed to catch the attention of a very varied age group. So, playing into a more recent trend of 90’s, retro, collage, I created a site that embodies different styles. The landing area is a smorgasbord of fun items that relate to STEM. The idea is to engage the demographic by showing them STEM can be fun and exciting.

Highly Customisable brand design system.