Focus Ireland

Art direction for interactive digital outdoor content.

Client: Proper Order Coffee Co.
Services: Branding, Design
The Brief: Create Ireland’s First Interactive Donation Station for Focus Ireland.
To highlight the homeless crisis in Dublin, Radical created the first interactive donation station in Ireland. You could donate to the crisis with contactless payment by simply placing your debit/credit card against the interactive piece. We had a live action piece running on a loop of a woman with her child. We shot the video so it looked like she was watching people walking by and asking them for help. She is standing in the dark with her baby. Only by donating can you turn the light on and shine a light on homelessness. Once the donation is complete the video changes to the woman standing in a brighter room and thanks you for your donation.
The first interactive payment station in Ireland was used at a critical point in Dublin’s homelessness crisis. Thanks to this technology €14,500 was raised in the short couple of days the installation was in action. Not to mention it raised a huge amount of awareness for homeless families in Ireland.