Gaze Film Festival

The brand identity for annual Irish LGBT film festival, Gaze. Branding included everything from logo to tshirts and programs.

Client: Gaze Film Festival
Date: August 31, 2016
Services: Branding, Design, Social, Digital
gaze 2016 design

Each year a new design is commissioned by the Gaze Film Festival. For 2016 I was asked to refresh the brand.

I needed to incorporate the hexagon shape in the brand, as this is only piece of the Gaze branding that must remain the same each year.

I wanted to make the brand more accessible, particularly to younger audiences, perhaps just out. So I created a more illustrated look to the festival that felt bold and fresh. The hexagon was incorporated into a film reel. This was a nod to the history of the festival whilst the style was contemporary and young.

gaze 2016 design
gaze 2016 design