Glo Health

UI/UX design for mobile website

Client: GloHealth
Services: Design, Digital, Art Direction

The Brief: Design a new mobile website that looks clean and fresh, whilst also keeping within already established brand guidelines.


GloHealth are a healthcare insurance company based in Ireland. The main objective of this project was to improve UI design & increase the number of users that signed up via mobile.

In order to solve the high bounce rate GloHealth were seeing for mobile sign up, I introduced an easily navigable user interface that included a 5 step sign up process.

This allows the user to track the percentage of the process that remains to be completed, thereby increasing the likelihood that the user will complete the sign up.

The look & feel of this mobile site was given a very physical look and feel. In doing this it increased engagement and made it generally a much more satisfying experience for the consumer. The steps to get a quote are long due to mandatory information required for insurance. In adding a physical element, it made the process seem more worthwhile and therefore more achievable.

Here is an example of that more physical “card feel” that was executed on vital point of interest. When the user tapped an insurance packet, it would flip and reveal more information.