Digital and POS campaign design

Client: Lil-Lets
Services: Art Direction, Concept, Design
Agency: Radical
lil lets campaign

The Brief: Drive awareness for Lil-lets in Ireland.

The majority of Irish women still use sanitary towels. Lil-lets wanted to drive awareness for their tampon products. Not only that but they wanted to highlight how much superior a product they had to their competition. They are the only tampon available in Ireland designed by a female gynaecologist and designed with women in mind.

So to get this point across and highlight their superior quality, we did a social video and asked Irish women to do a dip test…..the results speak for themselves ūüėČ

This campaign was directed at girls starting their periods. Our research had shown once a woman started with a feminine hygiene brand they were unlikely to switch. So we came up with the concept”Join the club”.

I wanted to get us away from women roller blading and horse-riding through their periods. What a load of horse shit. Any girl or woman who has ever had their period knows it’s not all fun and games. The opposite in fact. So the proposition was simple, this is happening, you’ll be part of this club of other strong women who deal with this every month. There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s a rite of passage and a royal pain in the ass. But we welcome you anyway and we’re here to make it as easy as possible.
Below are scamps for online content and ads. I then turned these into burn book style content for our demo, which included copy and art direction.