Science Gallery

Science Gallery Dublin wanted a fresh perspective for their next upcoming show “Secret”. I came on board to direct and design a look, feel and experience that would disrupt the usual.

Client: Science Gallery Dublin
Services: Design, Digital, Art Direction
science gallery design

Science Gallery Dublin are an innovative and unique proposition. Marrying both science and art, the gallery put on intriguing exhibitions 3-4 times a year.

I was brought on board to shake things up. Deliver a different perspective on the usual exhibition microsite. How can we inform and engage the visitor before they even arrive?

Explore the website here or watch the video:

The exhibition “Secret” aimed to highlight “THE FUTURE OF SURVEILLANCE, ESPIONAGE AND PRIVACY.” I wanted to bring this subject to life by building a website that would highlight how little privacy you really have. I wanted to create something that would make you feel uncomfortable and challenge yourself to think about how much privacy you really have.

In that vein, the site is glitchy in style. This demonstrates the slipping mask of the digital age. Beneath the surface of slick websites lies the uncomfortable, the spiders and cookies stealing parts of your identity.

science gallery design

Before entering the site the user must reveal a secret which we promise will be kept safe… However on entering the site one of the first things you see is a widget with yours and everyone else’s secret. Your name is not attached, however, anyone can share your secret now on social media.

science gallery design

Inspiration for the widget was driven by US secret military badges. More info here, worth the read 🙂

science gallery design