Brand identity for fintech startup Hedgehog by YipitData. Included the UI/UX design for their landing pages.

Client: YipitData
Services: Branding, Design, UI/UX, Digital

The brief for the Hedgehog brand was to design a clean, minimalist and trust worthy identity. The style on the brand you’ll see here embodies all of these attributes. The “spikes” of the hedgehog here also reflect the style of a notification button, which is indicative of the service being an app and digital.

hedgehog yipitdata design

The brief for usehedgehog.com was to create an engaging, clean and coherent design for a sign-up user flow. It essentially needed to act like a landing page and collect user sign-ups in efficient steps.

hedgehog yipitdata design
hedgehog yipitdata design

Demo of the landing area UI/UX: